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Spring cleaning
finished collective

Since I am currently stuck in Bangkok because of the volcano ash over Europe and resulting flight restrictions, I have a bit time on my hands to do some stuff here I usually don't find the time for at home.
I go through all my joined listings, update the links, delete the dead ones and maybe join a few new ones. I am half way through my joined FL now. It's a lot of work! And I need to go through affiliates aswell soon...

I also want to adopt out a few fanlistings, since I got the most amazing approvals lately. I'm not too optimistic about, cause I obviously have a weird taste and nobody really wants my fanlistings. :-D But I'll try.
I might even close a few, if I have the heart to do so. Let's see...

While I'm here, I finished my Noel Fielding fanlisting, simply to make the deadline. I only have my shitty laptop here with me and so I couldn't make the rocking layout I wanted to make for adorable Noelio, but I will do that as soon as I get home. I have millions of ideas in mind for that fanlisting...

Posted on Thu, 22nd April 2010
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Underdogs & Lovely news

I have just finished my Kasabian falnlisting and I'm really pleased with the way it has turned out. But see for yourself: Underdogs - Kasabian fanlisting

Also I could lay hands on two concert tickets to see Kasabian in february in Strasbourg. Since they are my fav band at the moment I'm more than excited to see them live.

Last but certainly not least I have lovely Boosh news. I'm still a bit crushed for being rejected for the Mighty Boosh fanlisting, but a bigger, better and booshier fansite will be on its way very soon. With a dear friend I met over twitter, who is as crazy about The Boosh as I am, I'll be building a fansite and we're planning on doing it the proper way. Might be alot of work that lies ahead of us, but I'm so looking forward to it.

Posted on Thu, 28th January 2010
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It took me two days to complete this one, but here it is and I'm quite pleased:

Visionary - The Tim Burton fanlisting

I was struggling with the title, but then Essi came up with "Visionary". It's simple, it's strong, it fits and the name reflects my adoration for this great artist.

Posted on Tue, 30th December 2008
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Artiste Extraordinaire

Recently I adopted the Jane Lane Fanlisting (my third Daria related FL) and I finished it today.
I was a little concerned, 'cause I never adopted a FL before and I totally suck at that whole sql and phpmyadmin stuff.
But it was surprisingly easy to fill in the members list.

Posted on Tue, 22nd May 2007
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Ronda fanlisting finished

... well, not completely finished, but the fanlisting part is running and I'm quite happy with the layout. It was nice to make a layout of my own photographs.

What's still missing, is the info part about Ronda and the photo gallery, but hopefully I'm going to add this in a few days.

Link: Traditional Beauty - The Ronda Fanlisting

Posted on Thu, 8th February 2007
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