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The email came this morn (in this fair morn... :-D). The most amazing thing in this fanlisting world has happened to me!

I got the approval for my #1 wishlister!

The fanlisting for beautiful, sexy, quirky, rocking Noel Fielding is now mine! I stared at the screen for a couple of minutes in disbelief and then just started to giggle like a little schoolgirl.
This is so amazing! Can't wait to build it! I wanna do several layouts for it, cause there are just to many great photoshots of Noel and I couldn't decide really.

Thanks so much to the TFL.org staffers that considered me worthy to run it! I really appreciate it!

Posted on Sun, 28th March 2010
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Good times...

... finally times are getting better in the fanlisting world for me.

A while ago I applied for my three fav bands at the moment, which are The Horrors, Kasabian and Robots in disguise. None of these amazing bands had a fanlisting, so I wanted them all... muhahahaha. No seriously. Obviously I have a freakish taste in music, if nobody wanted to build a fanlisting for there great bands.
Today came the approvals for all three bands and I'm a happy girl. The fanlisting for The Horrors is almost finished anyways, because I just couldn't wait to make a layout for it.

And I'm still waiting to hear back from Sarah about the Howince FL adoption. The layout's ready for two weeks now and honestly I'm starting to worry why she isn't responding to my emails. I guess I'll wait one or two weeks before I contact her again. Hmmm :-(

Posted on Sat, 9th January 2010
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Oh well...
approvals collective

I got a rejection for The Mighty Boosh fanlisting. I kind of expected it, since the fanbase is massive and I have no luck with those very big wishlister apps, but what can you do. I'm obviously a bit crushed, but who knows what the future might bring.
I might build that fansite I had in mind after all, just for the sheer fun of it.

On the other side Sarah was so kind, to hand me over the Howard and Vince relationship FL. At least a bit Booshy goodness for me.
I'm just waiting to hear back from her, that he has sent in the moved form.

Besides that I had a very calm and gentle start into 2010, from which I hope is gonna be a good year for me. I'm quite sure it's gonna be a good one, but an expensive one. I'm definitely going to Thailand in April and one of my New Year's Resolutions is to visit London finally, since I have more and more the feeling I have my heart lost to this city. Besides that I'm gonna get my first Tattoo in 2010 an it's gonna be a pretty big thing. A big and expensive thing, but definitely a work of true art branded forever into the skin of my back. So looking forward to it...

Posted on Tue, 5th January 2010
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Whiskey & Speed

This is gonna be the title for my new fanlisting. Another big wishlister (yes sir, the FL fairy has been very kind to me lately): Twiggy Ramirez, Marilyn Manson's fabulous bassist and best friend. I'm so madly in love with him, since I first discovered Marilyn Manson's music. He is a true freak of nature, chaot, rock'n'roll-kid and brilliant musician. People like Twiggy are one of a kind.

I was freaking out, when I got the approval mail from TFL *g* Very special thanks zu Annikins & Crissy <3 This was one of the best christmas presents this year... you made me a very happy girl *g*

Posted on Thu, 25th December 2008
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I simply couldn't find the english word for "Maerchenonkel". It is a german term for a man, that tells fairy tales. In todays society it has gotten an insulting touch, but it was once a positive term.

What am I babbling about?
Just a few minutes ago I got the message that I was approved for the Tim Burton fanlisting. A HUUUGGGEEEEEE (!) wishlister and a FL I thought I would never ever get! I'm thrilled!
Tim Burton is such a fabulous "Maerchenonkel" for me. I love his movies and they way he illustrates and presents them. His style is so unique and he is able to bring that magical touch into movies.

Thank god the Xmas Holidays are about to come and I will a have a lot free time for my webstuff. So there's gonna be an awsome layout (or probably more than one) for this very special fanlisting. I'm gonna put all my love and effort in it.
Special thanks to the category staffers that are considering me a good owner for this <3

Posted on Fri, 12th December 2008
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Doktor Manson

OMG! What a big wishlister!
I got the approval for the one and only Marilyn Manson. I'm one of his biggest fans for about 10 years now. He influenced me in so many ways and he really changed my life. Even if I don't really like the way his band is going recently, I will always adore him as a gifted artist and one of the most intelligent and fascinating personalities I have ever seen.

Posted on Sun, 9th November 2008
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Master of masters

Oh my f***ing God....!!!
I got the approval for the David Lynch fanlisting! He was one of the first names I put on my wishlist. I love him and his work to death. I'm a fan for more than 10 years and I feel so honored to build the approved fanlisting for him.
So... I don't know whom to thank, but:
thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!! =)

Posted on Fri, 22nd August 2008
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Yeah, I got the approval for The Sopranos!!! I never expected that. I know the show is kind of a flop in Germany but there must be lots of american fans.

Posted on Tue, 12th August 2008
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Lucky Days

I got a few new approvals.
TFL gave me the movies "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead" and "Bowling for Columbine" (both belong to my favorite movies).

And Kryz was so kind to hand me over the fanlisting for the TV show "The King of Queens" (screeeeeeaaaaaam!). I love that show for years and years now I'm so happy that I have the chance to give it a good home.

I also have a application for another huuuuuuuge topic running. I think I'll receive an email from TFL soon about that. If I get that one I'm definitely going to dance on my table... it's a BIG wishlister!!

Posted on Tue, 29th July 2008
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The one with the fingers...

Yesterday I got mail from Wendy that she'll hand me over the adult fanlisting for "fingering". I'm not going to explain in detail, why I wanted that fanlisting... *g*

Now I'm searching for appropiate layout pics for this fanlisting. This is gonna be a little hard, since I don't want any x-rated stuff, but I will find something nice for it. If all else fails I will have to draw sth. myself... *lol*

Posted on Sat, 19th July 2008
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Sin City and the Green Fairy

OMG! I'm so lucky these days. After I got the approval from TFL.org to build the Absinthe fanlisting, I got mail today that Linze gives me the Sin City fanlisting. I just love that movie!

Posted on Mon, 16th June 2008
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The Queen of Burlesque

Yay, I got the approval to adopt the Dita von Teese fanlisting (thank you, Danielle <3 ). The layout for this is gonna be so much of fun.

Posted on Mon, 9th June 2008
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Dita and the King
approvals applications

So, I got approved for "Insomnia" one of my favorite Stephen King books. I'm such a big fan of this man and his work... it was about time I got a FL related to him.

I also applied for the Dita von Teese FL (the one in the model category, not the adult category). It is up for adoption and I really hope I will get the chance to build that. It's always a lot of fun to make a layout with such a beautiful woman. And I loved her for years now... and probably will for the next 100 years...

Posted on Sat, 7th June 2008
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Abarat is mine! MINE!! Yeah, finally a Clive Barker related fanlisting.

Posted on Thu, 21st February 2008
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Shy guy

Yay... I got the approval to build the fanlisting for Victor Van Dort, the lovely main character from Tim Burton's movie "Corpse Bride".
It is also another Johnny Depp related FL, since he gave his beautiful voice to Victor <3

Posted on Sat, 3rd November 2007
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More wishlisters

I got incredibly lucky the last weeks. I got the approvals for two big wishlisters:
- Lod of war (an absolutely brilliant movie with Nicolas Cage. Witty, cynical, political)
- Lost Highway (my favorite Lynch movie besides Mulholland Drive and my third Lynch related Fanlisting)

More good news...
Johanna gave me "The Devil's Advocate" fanlisting. One of my favorite movies since I saw it back then in the cinema. Al Pacino is so deliciously vicious...

Posted on Sun, 14th October 2007
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Surrealistic Master

I just got the approval in to build the Salvador Dal? fanlisting.
I adore him since I was about twelve or thirteen. He was such a great artist and he set standards for eccentric behaviour.

I'm awfully busy the next weeks, but I want to make a layout with a few skins for that fanlisting. He has so many great paintings that I could never choose only one for the layout.

Posted on Mon, 10th September 2007
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The Alhambra

Yesterday I got mail from Emma, that she will give me the fanlisting for the Alhambra.

For all of you not having a clue what the Alhambra is: It's an acient palace (and a fortress) in Spain that was built by Arab Kings when the Arabs dominated southern spain. It's one of the most beautiful buildings I ever seen in my life.

Since my spanish relatives live in Almunecar (about 2 hours away from Granada), I saw the Alhambra a couple of times in my life. And I always loved it.

Posted on Fri, 24th August 2007
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Dracula & more
approvals applications

*screeeeaaaaaaam* I just got the approval for the Bram Stoker's Dracula fanlisting. I think this is one of the fanlistings I wanted the most (alongside with the Simpsons and maybe the Fight Club Fanlisting). So I really want to create something special with that....

I also applied for the Shrek movie that was open for apps. Also one of my favorite in the animation category.

Posted on Thu, 12th July 2007
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Doctor of journalism & a style icon

Two new fanlisting on upcoming.

First of all thanks to Amanda, because she gave me the Raoul Duke fanlisting. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is one of my all time favorite movies and I always loved that crazy character.

The second one is a BIG wishlister... I never thought I'd get that FL: Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the city. It's gonna be a lot of fun to built that listing...

Posted on Sat, 7th July 2007
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Futurama!!! ... and a few more

YAAAAYYYY!! Yesterday I got the approval to built the Futurama fanlisting.

Everyone around me knows that I'm a huge fan (sometimes I like the show even more than the Simpsons).
I definetely want to come up with something great for that fanlisting.

I also got some music approvals:
Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the Way (Album)
The White Stripes - Get behind me Satan (Album)
Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack Volume I (Album)

Posted on Tue, 12th June 2007
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Nothing else matters

Yeah, I got the "Nothing else matters" fanlisting.
Thanks to Hakka and Clo for letting me adopt the FL for that great song. I love Metallica and especially this song for so many years.

Posted on Sun, 20th May 2007
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Snow ((Hey Oh)) approved

After TFL had all updates on hold for almost a month because of email problems, I got the notification vesterday, that I can built the fanlisting for [b]Snow ((Hey Oh))[/b]. It's one of my favorite RHCP songs.

Posted on Tue, 8th May 2007
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Joon and Sam fanlisting approved

That was a fast one. Two days after applying for it, I got the email from TFL that I can built it.

Well, here comes my first Johnny-related fanlisting... ;)

Posted on Wed, 11th April 2007
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Upcoming Fanlistings

Good news, very good news! I got the Bart Simpson fanlisting!! My first really big fanlisting! I'm really looking forward to build that listing, since I'm a Simpsons fanatic for several years.

My other applications in the animation category were also accepted:

The Trent Lane Fanlisting. Trent is a character from the Comic TV Show "Daria" (first aired on MTV). I love the series and Trent was always one of my favorite characters. Probably because I would definitely have a crush on him, if he was a real life person ;). He's aa umemployed musician and leader of the band "Mystik Spiral". And of course he is an artist who would never ever become a sell out... Daria, the main character of the series has a crush on him over the first couple of seasons....

... so, I also applied for the Daria & Trent Relationship Fanlisting. They never really get together during the TV Show, but they seem like a perfect match...

Posted on Thu, 22nd March 2007
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Dark Tower Fanlisting approved

Yeah, I got The Dark Tower Fanlisting. Well, not for book series, but for the Tower itself in the book miscellany category.

Posted on Fri, 23rd February 2007
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Blue Velvet fanlisting approved

I'm really happy that I got that Fanlisting, since Blue Velvet is one of the best David Lynch movies.

Posted on Mon, 19th February 2007
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Ronda fanlisting approved

Yesterday I got an email from tfl.org that they approved my fanlisting for the spanish city Ronda.

I visited this beautiful place in March 2006, when I went to South Spain to visite my grandma and a few aunts and uncles. We went to see a lot of famous sights in Andaluc?a, for example the Alhambra in Granada and Gibraltar, and Ronda was one of it.

I took a lots of pictures of the impressing "Puerto Nuevo" and the ancient bullfighting ring, so there's gonna be a little photo gallery within the fanlisting.

Posted on Sat, 3rd February 2007
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