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Spring cleaning
finished collective

Since I am currently stuck in Bangkok because of the volcano ash over Europe and resulting flight restrictions, I have a bit time on my hands to do some stuff here I usually don't find the time for at home.
I go through all my joined listings, update the links, delete the dead ones and maybe join a few new ones. I am half way through my joined FL now. It's a lot of work! And I need to go through affiliates aswell soon...

I also want to adopt out a few fanlistings, since I got the most amazing approvals lately. I'm not too optimistic about, cause I obviously have a weird taste and nobody really wants my fanlistings. :-D But I'll try.
I might even close a few, if I have the heart to do so. Let's see...

While I'm here, I finished my Noel Fielding fanlisting, simply to make the deadline. I only have my shitty laptop here with me and so I couldn't make the rocking layout I wanted to make for adorable Noelio, but I will do that as soon as I get home. I have millions of ideas in mind for that fanlisting...

Posted on Thu, 22nd April 2010
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Oh well...
approvals collective

I got a rejection for The Mighty Boosh fanlisting. I kind of expected it, since the fanbase is massive and I have no luck with those very big wishlister apps, but what can you do. I'm obviously a bit crushed, but who knows what the future might bring.
I might build that fansite I had in mind after all, just for the sheer fun of it.

On the other side Sarah was so kind, to hand me over the Howard and Vince relationship FL. At least a bit Booshy goodness for me.
I'm just waiting to hear back from her, that he has sent in the moved form.

Besides that I had a very calm and gentle start into 2010, from which I hope is gonna be a good year for me. I'm quite sure it's gonna be a good one, but an expensive one. I'm definitely going to Thailand in April and one of my New Year's Resolutions is to visit London finally, since I have more and more the feeling I have my heart lost to this city. Besides that I'm gonna get my first Tattoo in 2010 an it's gonna be a pretty big thing. A big and expensive thing, but definitely a work of true art branded forever into the skin of my back. So looking forward to it...

Posted on Tue, 5th January 2010
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.. I'm not that lazy. I swear. I just had an inccident with the backup of my fanupdate database and I lost a few updates. It's a bummer, but better than loosing any FL members or anything like that. So the updates of the whole year are gone, but I can live with that.

I finally made a new layout for my collective, first of all because I couldn't stand the old one anymore, but mainly, because I have a new Über-Obession for quite a while now and that obsession being lovely and amazing Mr. Noel Fielding.
I always had a thing for british men (must be something about the accent, I dunno) and Noel must be coolest guy living in the UK (probably the whole world). Just love his style, his unique and sometimes crazy way to dress and of course he is insanely talented as a comedian. The Mighty Boosh is a stroke of geniuses.

So I wanted to dedicate a collective style to this georgeous man...

Posted on Tue, 17th November 2009
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Holiday projects

Ok... finally I am in my christmas holidays. Two weeks of freetime (well, besides those things like spending some quality time with my family and cleaning my appartement) and a lot of things to do:
- Two amazing FL need to be built (Burton and Twiggy)
- my Marilyn Manson FL needs a few new skins (and maybe I'm making the Antichrist Superstar skin again, since I'm not satisfied with the actual one)
- Buttons, buttons, buttons... especially for my collective
- maybe a new skin for my collective (I'm fancying a Twilight-layout, or another Dani-layout (I can't get enough of him...), or a Dita-layout, or... or... or)

and these are only the FL-related projects I have in mind. There are also stagnating sites like heart-driven.net (my artwork site), that need a lot work.
And other art-related projects like tons of photographs I need to work on and making some new resources.
When I'm looking at that list, I'm quite sure that six weeks of vacation would be more appropriate to get those things done....

Posted on Thu, 25th December 2008
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Busy day
applications collective

Oh wow... I found some time today to look through all of my joined listings and to clean up the dead links. It took me about 4 hours of work, but now everything is fine. Plus: I found some joined listings that are not listed at TFL anymore and I applied for them:
- Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead
- American Beauty
- Bowling for columbine

I also applied for "Nymphetamine" (Cradle of filth). It was about time, I did that. I had it in mind for a long time and at the moment I listen to this album on a daily basis...

Since I'm not working full time anymore starting from august I have more free time that I can devote to my present and future fanlistings. I'm really looking forward to that :-)

Posted on Fri, 18th July 2008
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New Style

Finally I managed to get a new style together. The Ka-tet collective featuring beautiful Dani Filth.

Posted on Mon, 12th May 2008
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During the last days I finally had the time to deal with phpSiteSkin (it is actually really easy to handle and the results are amazing).

I wanted a second darker layout for the collective and ... voil?. Here it is.

I went to the movies last monday and saw 300. I'm really in love with that movie, so I made a 300 skin.

Posted on Fri, 27th April 2007
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