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On this page I unite all my joined and owned fanlistings and a few other private projects.
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Spring cleaning
finished collective

Since I am currently stuck in Bangkok because of the volcano ash over Europe and resulting flight restrictions, I have a bit time on my hands to do some stuff here I usually don't find the time for at home.
I go through all my joined listings, update the links, delete the dead ones and maybe join a few new ones. I am half way through my joined FL now. It's a lot of work! And I need to go through affiliates aswell soon...

I also want to adopt out a few fanlistings, since I got the most amazing approvals lately. I'm not too optimistic about, cause I obviously have a weird taste and nobody really wants my fanlistings. :-D But I'll try.
I might even close a few, if I have the heart to do so. Let's see...

While I'm here, I finished my Noel Fielding fanlisting, simply to make the deadline. I only have my shitty laptop here with me and so I couldn't make the rocking layout I wanted to make for adorable Noelio, but I will do that as soon as I get home. I have millions of ideas in mind for that fanlisting...

Posted on Thu, 22nd April 2010
Filed under finished, collective.

The email came this morn (in this fair morn... :-D). The most amazing thing in this fanlisting world has happened to me!

I got the approval for my #1 wishlister!

The fanlisting for beautiful, sexy, quirky, rocking Noel Fielding is now mine! I stared at the screen for a couple of minutes in disbelief and then just started to giggle like a little schoolgirl.
This is so amazing! Can't wait to build it! I wanna do several layouts for it, cause there are just to many great photoshots of Noel and I couldn't decide really.

Thanks so much to the TFL.org staffers that considered me worthy to run it! I really appreciate it!

Posted on Sun, 28th March 2010
Filed under approvals.

I never ever had to apply for a #1 wishlister, but I just did yesterday. My biggest obsession ever: Mr. Noel Fielding... the beautiful, stylish freak featured here in my layout is currently open for applications.

My heart just stopped for a sec when I saw that and I gave the application a bit time. I tried to explain what Noel means to me and I even made a little artpiece to include in my application.

I have no idea how good my chances are to get the FL, but I know he has quite a lot fans out there, so I certainly won't be the only one applying for him. I don't wanna get my hopes up to high, but if I will be rejected I will be crushed big time. I was rejected before for important fanlistings, but Noel will be hardest thing I guess. If I will get it, I will of course be off my tits with happyness. :-)

So, fingers crossed for that application. :-)

Posted on Mon, 15th March 2010
Filed under applications.

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